The significant advantage of relaxation is undoubtedly that it is simple and self-generated. The patient learns a method which he/she can keep with them for life. It helps to manage stress and pain for a more comfortable life.


Several tools are used including:

1-  Schultz autogenic training:

This is based on suggestion of symptoms which define the state of relaxation. In the same way as a feeling of fullness, the sensation of pleasant warmth, free and harmonious breathing … it is a form of self-hypnosis which allow the force of thoughts in our mind to be applied to the body. We refer to concentrative self-relaxation. Autogeneic training is an effective method to increase performance, promote recovery or simply make life more tolerable.

2- The Jacobson technique:

This involves contracting and then relaxing all muscles in succession, paying attention to muscle sensations. It finishes by the suggestion of a pleasant place. The process lasts half an hour. The main theories of the Jacobson approach oppose any idea of suggestion, hypnosis or psycho-analytical theories, working purely on a physiological level.