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Psychology is the study of the human mind. This medical speciality studies behaviour of human beings and also their internal and external motivations.

A psychologist is a professional who has undergone both university training and personal training (personal development through psychotherapy).

The patient is supported in the questioning he/she has decided to do of him/herself. A psychologist is not a doctor and cannot therefore prescribe medical drugs. His/her profession is above all one of listening and assisting.

Supportive therapy

Supported therapy is based on listening and supporting the patient. Its aim is to help the person tolerate their symptoms or general problems and provide them with moral support.

Verbalisation of effects and difficulties is central here, allowing patients to relieve their burden. The frequency of meetings is determined jointly with a patient.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapies

The CBTs are a group of scientifically validated methods which involve cognitive, behavioural and emotional work. The CBT are different from other therapies through the collaborative relationship which bonds the patient to the therapist. They are based on correcting negative thoughts (or cognitions) and learning new appropriate behaviours.

It is a concrete approach which uses appropriate objectives and strategies for the patient allowing the patient’s progress to be assessed regularly.

It is an active method in which the patient invests through carrying out exercises.

It is an interactive method in which the patient becomes an expert in his/her condition through therapeutic education.

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The significant advantage of relaxation is undoubtedly that it is simple and self-generated. The patient learns a method which he/she can keep with them for life. It helps to manage stress and pain for a more comfortable life.

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Deontology code

Appendix 1

Deontology code for the psychologists


Respecting the psychological aspect of a human being is an unequivocal right.  Recognition of this forms the basis of a psychologist’s work.

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